Spiritual Ritual Waters

Spiritual Ritual Waters
Featuring Ritual Waters for money, love, luck, health, eliminating evil, psychic defense and much more.

Damnation Water
This cursed water can be used to cause great distress among your enemies...
Florida Water - 7.5 oz.
A fragrance that is welcomed by the Spirits. It is used in spells to remove...
Kananga Water
...frequently used in rituals of protection and cleansing, scent bowls for the spirits of the dead...
Holy Water (8 oz.)
Water blessed by a holy man. Used to protect & cleanse people, places or things or to drive away evil spirits...
Pyramid Water
Charged beneath the spire of an energetically aligned pyramid...
Rosemary Water (8 oz.)
Use it when you are seeking to remember something or generally improve your memory, or when you are hoping to draw the attentions of the one you love.
War Water
Used to gain protection or to launch your own magical attacks and, psychic warfare.
8oz Rue (Ruda) water