Florida Water - 7.5 oz.

Florida Water - 7.5 oz.
Item# FLW75

Item Description

Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water Cologne has both spiritual and practical purposes. It is used to cleanse the soul, to attract good luck and to provide protection. On the other hand, it can be used as a body lotion, in the bath, or be used to soften the skin before a shave. Whether cleansing the soul or your hands, the Florida water cologne is sure to be of use.

Use Florida Water Cologne like Holy Water for cleansings, good luck and protection. As an astringent and skin lotion Murray & Lanman's Florida Water acts with pleasing effects. It contracts with the pores and tones-up the skin leaving it with a feeling of freshness and radiance. Used in the bath for an enchanting fragrance which clings to the body. Before shaving Murray and Lanman's Florida Water softens the toughest beard and prepares the skin for a smooth shave. For tired feet bathe add Florida Water to the bath tub and soak away the days stresses.

* Add to spiritual baths to enhance spiritual cleansings;

* Wear as a cologne for a protective shield that leaves a delicate scent.

* Mist in the environment to repel negative energy and negative spirits.

* Mist in the environment to attract good spirits.

* Add to floor washes for its cleansing properties.

* Add a few drops to a bowl of water and place on your ancestral altar as an offering to your ancestors.

* For high anxiety it can be applied to the forehead and used as a rubdown, providing some relief for nervous tension.

* Use to wipe down altars and altar items to keep free from negative energy.

* Pray the 23rd Psalm over it and use in place of Holy Water.

* Periodically spray a little on your altar to keep it receptive to the spirits.

*CAUTION: Florida Water is highly flammable. Use extreme caution when working with it.