Vervain Oil

Vervain Oil
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Item Description

Vervain (one of the best herbs), is for health, wealth and happiness. It will keep your house free of evil and bad spirits. Witchcraft will not happen at your house. No demon can stand the smell of this very aromatic fragrance. You can buy Vervain oil in a pure form and use it to anoint doorways and over your windows to keep evil out of your house. You can also use small cotton balls with a few drops of this oil on them and hang them over your doors and windows. Or you can just put small bottles of the oil on top of the windowsills. Use to anoint candles or mojo bags. You can also use it to remove the evil that someone has thrown into your yard by first removing it, then by making the sign of the cross with the oil where the evil was found laying in your yard.

2 oz. Bottle