Triple Strength Herbal Power Oils - 1 Oz. Bottles

Herbal Power Oils
These 1 oz. Spiritual Oils are made with the finest herbs & roots soaked in pure essential oils.

Each bottle is blessed to achieve the most effective pulling and drawing power possible! They can work real fast for you and help you conquer any problem you may have.

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Come to Me Oil :: Herbal Power Oils
Wear this to have that special drawing power you've always wanted...
Controlling / Do As I Say
You will have the power to control when you wear this oil - no one else...
Fast Money / Fast Luck
Be lucky in life and draw that money that you want and need...
Job / Steady Work Oil
This oil will help you get what you want from your job or career...
King Solomon / Block Buster Oil
Let the wisdom and power of King Solomon help you unblock all problems, money, love, health or anything else...
Lucky Lottery/Lucky Hand Oil
or luck in the lottery or fast luck in any casino gambling game...
Protection from Evil / Enemies / Harm
Wear this oil and be protected from any danger, evil or nasty mean, nosy, jealous, people - neighbors, family members or so-called friends...
Stop Evil/ Turn Back Evil
Keep all evil and enemies away. Turn back any evil spirit or intent...
Good for any condition, problem or worry...
Breakup any two people (a man and a woman, two women, two men) or a group of people...
Make the judge rule in your favor, get the case thrown out, get the money you're asking for or getting shortened jail time or no jail time...
Chase that evil jinx away for good! Reverse it so you have good luck all the time, from now on...
Get and feel healthy again and stop those nagging aches and pains. Stop your misery and suffering...
This formula has been tested and found to be one of thee best oils to conquer and master any problem, situation or condition you may have...
Strengthen your love or draw someone closer to you. Make your loved one bow to your needs...
If anyone you know owes you money or should give you money because you deserve it, this oil will draw it to you.
Make you, your children and family successful in school and life including staying out of trouble or being with bad kids or people...