Special Favor Oil

Item# A1376

Item Description

St. Jude, the saint of the impossible, may come to your aid when all other efforts have failed, if you try this oil rubbed on the temples just before retiring, along with this prayer. State your problem or request, and pray with faith:

Grant me this favor if it be Thy will. I ask for this in humility and in complete faith in the goodness of God and his knowledge of what is best for me.

To get that much needed luck when things are truly desperate, get a talisman called the Serpent Seal, or Seal of Magic, which is from the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. It is a design which reputedly draws all the spirits to give magical assistance in bringing to the owner his need, desires, wishes, or requests. Write your special favor on the back of the paper seal, anoint all outer edges with the Special Favor Oil, and place it beneath a white Seven Knob Candle. Burn one knob of the candle each day for seven days and good fortune will almost surely arrive and linger in your life.