Spell Kit to Attract A Lover

Item# SK001

Item Description

Spell Kit to Attract A Lover

You will need:

  • 1 red cloth image doll
  • 1 bottle Luv Luv Luv Oil
  • 1 packet Love Powder
  • 1 packet Love Incense
  • 1 packet Compelling Incense
  • 1 square of parchment, 2x2
  • 1 bottle Dove Blood Ink


  1. Write a description of the type of Lover you would like to attract with the ink on the parchment.
  2. Sprinkle the doll with both the oil and the powder.
  3. Pin the parchment to the head of the doll, on the back.
  4. Mix equal amounts of each incense and burn them as you recite Psalms 45 &; 46 from your Bible or Book of Psalms.
  5. Wrap the doll in a red cloth and lovingly put it away secluded out of sight.
  6. Each night thereafter, take the doll out, burn some incense and repeat the Psalms until the right Lover appears in your life.