Secrets of Afro-Cuban Divination

Secrets of Afro-Cuban Divination
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How To Cast The Diloggun, The Oracle of the Orishas

by Ochani Lele

The first book to provide complete, specific instructions on casting the Diloggun, the cowrie-shell oracle of the Orishas -- Provides step-by-step instructions never before published, detailing requirements and procedure for casting the Diloggun -- Includes a detailed "mojuba" or prayer used to awaken the Orishas (spirit entities) for divination -- Devotes an entire chapter to each of the twelve basic Odu (random patterns in which the sixteen shells fall), providing ritual mechanics and oracular meanings for all possible castings

The Afro-Cuban faith, known to outsiders as Santeria and to adherents as Las Reglas de Ocha de Los Lucumi, is not a static religion but a living conduit of energy for connecting the spirit world to our own. It came to the New World with the slave trade where it has evolved in response to the surrounding culture. For adherents of Lucumi, the Diloggun is the most important focus of worship: the sacred shells reveal the forces at play in an adherent's life. These forces are,redefined and placated by the Orisha priest, who makes direct contact with the spirit world in an effort to help the adherent evolve.

While many books have been published about Santeria, The Secrets of Afro-Cuban Divination is the first to provide complete information on how to cast the Diloggun, including opening, reading, and closing the oracle, and how to give a comprehensive reading. With a detailed discussion about why each prayer is offered and insight into the metaphysical core of the religion, this book will bring those seeking the wisdom of the Diloggun closer to the living Orishas than they have ever been.

ISBN: 0892818107