Spell Breaker Aromatic Herb Bath

Spell Breaker Aromatic Herb Bath
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Item Description

Spell Breaker Herb Bath is used to break up and remove a spell or hex.

This mix may also be used in all the ways you would use an herb or herb mix during ritual or spell work. This packet has been blended specifically with the intention of banishing all harmful conditions.


To create a certain vibration or energy in a particular location, be it your business, your home, your bedroom or a ritual room, many rituals call for the use of an herb as an incense. The best way to perform this type of ritual is with the use of quick lighting charcoal. One of the best known on the market today is made by "Three Kings Company" and is commonly available in any occult supply store. Make sure you do not burn charcoal in a glass container or in a flat metal container that will rest on the table, the coals become very hot. Place your coals in a vessel that will not have to be moved, or in a properly designed burner that will allow you to move it without burning yourself.

To prepare your herbs for use with charcoal, it is best that you grind them into flake or powder form and sprinkle it over previously lit coals every few minute during your ritual. You can also add anointing oils to your mixture, the purer the oil the better the scent. Do not be alarmed by an unpleasant scent as you burn herbs, the important result is the vibration produced by the herb. Later in the book we have included recipes for preparing some of the most commonly used incenses.