Ritual for Unjinxing a Home or Business

Ritual for Unjinxing a Home or Business
Item# JRSK02

Item Description


• Witches’ Salt
• John the Conqueror Root
• Cloves
• Mandrake Root
• Basil
• Laurel Leaves
• 7-Day Red candle
• Uncrossing Incense
• Red conjure bag


1) Sprinkle some of the Witchs’ Salt across your front door.
2) Burn the Uncrossing Incense.
3) Light the candle.
4) Place some of the Witches’ Salt, John The Conqueror Root, Clove, Mandrake Root, Basil,
Laurel and some of the Uncrossing Incense into the Red bag.
5) Hang the bag above your front door.
6) Allow the 7-Day Red candle to burn down completely.
7) Burn up all of the remaining Uncrossing Incense.