Ritual Bath Instructions
The act of undertaking a spiritual bath indicates that the person doing it is a believer in the higher truths. This belief in itself triggers the necessary energies that, mixed with the physical attributes of the ingredients chosen, facilitates the elimination of the unwanted vibrations and the acquisition of positive energies.

Since the spiritual bath is not intended to remove physical dirt, I advise that before taking a spiritual bath you take a good shower to remove all physical dirt, that way you can forget about washing behind the ears etc., during your ritual bath, and you can just concentrate on the spiritual aspects of your bath.

When bathing in a tub, the general rule is that warm or hot water is used to maximize relaxation, and cool water is used to energize the body. The temperature of a bath should usually be moderate, between 95° and 98°. If it is too hot, over 100°, it will drain your energy and dry your skin by removing protective oils. A very hot bath can even be dangerous, especially for someone with heart problems. Conversely, if the water is too cool, under 75°, it can depress the body’s circulation and also be dangerous, especially after exercising or for people with high blood pressure.

Allow yourself 20-30 minutes for your bath. Fill your tub with 4- 6 inches of warm water. Add 2-4 oz. of your bath mixture to the water as it fills. Climb into the tub and immerse yourself completely into the water. Use a cup to pour the water over your head. Sit or lay back, close your eyes, place your arms limply by your sides.

Beginning from the top of your head, visualize all of your muscles relaxing. Imagine a soft purple light entering your head, filling your head, making each muscle in your face relax, each muscle in your neck relax, then the shoulder muscles, the muscles in your back. Feel the relaxing purple light spill over both arms, relaxing your triceps and biceps and continuing down your forearms to your hand, to the tip of your fingers. Feel the relaxing purple light sweep down from neck relaxing your chest muscles, your abdomen, your lower back, buttocks, your groin, and down your thighs, you feel the warm, down to your feet, until your entire body is thoroughly relaxed. With your mind sharply focused tell yourself the following:

"I will take ten deep breaths, at the end of which I will be in a state of total relaxation, allowing goodness and positivity to enter my life."

Proceed to slowly take ten deep breaths. Be aware of each breath, realize the air entering your nostrils, slowly filling your lungs with giving oxygen. Retain the air in your body for a second, then slowly exhale it through your mouth, allowing negativity and stress to leave your body with each exhalation.

When you have reached your optimum state of relaxation, allow your mind to create a visualization of your goals. Envision your self as having successfully attained your desired result. When you can no longer hold to this vision, you have completed your ritual. Perform an act of kindness each day and you will receive the blessings you desire in return.