Reversing Spell To Send Back A Curse Or Hex

Item# PRSP35

Item Description

10 Black candles, 4" size
1 Bottle Spellbreaker Oil
1 Packet Helping Hand Incense
1 Packet Satan-Be-Gone Powder

1. Each night for 5 nights in a row, anoint two black candles with Spellbreaker Oil and vision the curse and hex deflected back to its point of origin.

2. Light the two candles and the Helping Hand Incense. Place the incense between the candles and as they burn chant:

Thou most vile and demented one, all thy evil hideth from the sun! Only in darkness hast thou courage to act, for with the dark ones thou haveth a pact! I break asunder thy evil plan and lay upon the ancient ban! Let this burning be thy burning! Let this dark fire torment thee! Let thy evil break and be gone! It all reboundeth and returneth to thee! Scorched and burnt out for all to see, thy evil doings ever shalt be!

3. Sprinkle the Satan Be Gone Powder on the doors and windows of your home.

4. Wear the oil on your brow and on your throat as a perfume until the reversal is complete and the sender of the hex or curse begins to suffer his/her own ill affects.