Archangel Gabriel &
The Power of Intuition

<B>Archangel Gabriel &<br>The Power of Intuition</B>
Use Your Gut Feelings to Make Better Decisions

Intellectual development alone does not give us all the answers we need to successfully find our way through life. Intuition insures right judgement in any given situation. If intuition is not awakened and fully operative, the conclusions of the reasoning intelligence may be wrong. Intuition connects your individual intelligence with cosmic wisdom.

Many highly sensitive individuals shut down their intuitive abilities early on in life because of sensory overwhelm, or because the notion of intuition is discredited by parents, caretakers, and teachers. From this place of desensitization, it is often a hard process to reclaim the natural intuitive ability we are blessed with. On my journey, there was a lot of uncertainty and selfdoubt, a lot of false starts and wrong turns. I recognize now, of course, that my intuition and inner wisdom was there all along. I simply did not know how to access it reliably and dependably. A lot of guidance had to hit me over the head a few times, sometimes quite painfully, before I recognized it for what it was. Today, I use my intuition to earn my living, and to make big and small life decisions

Use your intuition to make big and small life decisions every single day. It is truly an invaluable resource. So much wisdom and information is available to us, if only we open up to the possibility that we ourselves have all the answers we will ever need. We are miraculously supported by a loving Universe, and our intuition is the resource that can assist us in making the most of this support.


The sigil of the Archangel Gabriel is used to invoke his powers of intuition and divinity. Gabriel is one of the two highest ranking angels, alongside Michael, and his name means “Man of God”. Gabriel is credited with teaching the prophet Elijah all the mysteries of divinity as well as serving as the herald of God.

He first appeared in the prophecies of Daniel as the angel who announced to Mary that she would bear a Son. It is also said that Gabriel will blow the horn announcing the second coming of Christ.