Papa Jim's Magical Oil Spellbook

Papa Jim's Magical Oil Spellbook
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Papa Jim is a very famous healer and root doctor. He brings you this compilation of remedies and potions from all over the world. Share the secret recipes that have mystically solved the problems of Papa Jimís many devotees. Learn how to unleash the magical powers of oils. Excerpt:

FLYING DEVIL - Used to get rid of bad things around you. Good for jinx or hex removal. Use on a White candle. Burn with Jinx Removing Incense to ward off all Voodoo and Hexes. Very strong.

MISTLETOE - Used to attract customers and increase business. Also good for better business Burn a Purple candle anointed with this oil and add 9 drops to your mop water. Sprinkle around the store or building. This should keep the customers coming back.