Moving Oil

Item# a2828

Item Description

So many are plagued with neighbors who cause trouble, disturbances, and tension to all those who live nearby. When the situation becomes too much to bear, sprinkle this oil on the property of the one you wish to become dissatisfied with the place where they live.

If you are a landlord and wish to get rid of an unruly tenant, or one who is not paying the rent, sprinkle the Moving Oil across the threshold of the apartment or house.

After the premises are vacated, be sure to scrub well with the Jinx Removing Wash so that the oil will be removed.

Should you have an unwelcome guest in your home, add some of the oil to the water in which their clothes are washed, and within a very sort time the unwanted one will be packing those clothes and moving on to a new place and out of your life.