The Mindset Necessary to Create

The Mindset Necessary to Create
August 14, 2016

To Know, To Will, To Dare
and To Keep Silent

The foundation for all magical work and representative of the the mindset necessary to create magic and the qualities to be embraced by all spiritual workers.

TO KNOW means to know what you are doing, intellectually and practically. Most importantly, to know what you want to accomplish. The more concise you can make your statement of purpose, the better and more effective your spell will be.

TO WILL refers to the magickal will. What is that really? It is to be able to generate enough emotional and psychic energy to accomplish your purpose. The will is the energy battery you draw from when you raise the power for the spell. If that battery is drained, or never got charged in the first place, the thing won't go. Simple as that.

TO DARE means to have the gumption to actually get off your couch and do it. You can be learned, and burn with intensity, but until and unless you actually go get the stuff, do the research and preparation and do the spell, nothing will happen.

TO KEEP SILENT is the last ingredient and just as important as the other three. You have to be able to understand what you want and what you're doing, have the energy to make it happen, have the gumption to get up and actually do what's necessary and then, once accomplished, Shut Up About It.

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