Mamma Phebie's Dragon Blood Reed Spell
To Lift Hexes and Jinxes

Item# SK007

Item Description

Everywhere we turn these days it seems as if there are forces working against us. You don`t need to spend your time thinking, worrying about or stressing over the evils that are constantly prowling.

You will need:

  1. 1 chunk (approximately 4 oz.) Dragon Blood Reed
  2. 1 Red 9" Stick Candle
  3. 1 Yellow 9" Stick Candle
  4. 1 Purple 9" Stick Candle
  5. Spell Breaker Oil
  6. Charcoal
  7. Brass Incense Burner


  1. Carry the Dragon Blood Reed on your person for 7 days.
  2. On the seventh day anoint all 3 candles with Spellbreaker Oil and set them to burn by an open window in your home, at sunset.
  3. Burn a bit of the Dragon Blood Reed on Charcoal as an incense for about 15 minutes as the candles burn.
  4. Repeat for seven nights until the candles and the Dragon Blood Reed are totally burned.

All jinxed and hexed and evil conditions
should lift straight away from your life.