Magical Herbs for Protection

Magical Herbs for Protection
Magical herbs have been used in protective magic since ancient times. Using them can be as simple as spreading the herbs around a person, item or place. You might choose to make a protective floor wash, sachets or incense. Others might prefer to use the herbs in various rituals. Either way you choose to use them, allowing their protective energies to go to work can save you from future troubles.

Use Agrimony to banish negative energies. It is believed this herb not only breaks hexes and curses but turns them back on the sender.of spirits if thrown onto a fire or into a censer during magical rites. Asafoetida has a powerful smell, so use with care.

Sprinkle a small amount of Angelica Root in the four corners of your home to ward off evil. Add to healing, protection and exorcism incenses. Believed to remove curses and spells when added to bathwater.

To repel negativity in troubled areas. Sprinkle Black Salt across doorways and in the corners of the room to absorb and repel negativity.

Carry Balm of Gilead to attract protective and healing vibrations.

Burn small amounts of Asafoetida Powder in exorcism and protection incenses. Destroys manifestations

Betony Wood has a long established reputation as being very powerful in it's ability to protect someone against dark forces and negative energy. Carry some on your person for protection and/or scatter at the four corners of a room or house to banish negative forces. When burnt by itself it is believed that the smoke will purify the body.

Add Burdock to protection incenses and spells and carry on your person for protection against negativity. Burn to cleanse and purify a room or place, cast around the home to ward off negative forces. Boil in water, cool and then sprinkle on oneself.

A small quantity of Calamus in each corner of the kitchen will protect the occupants from hunger and poverty.

Devil's Shoestring a much sought after root is very potent. Carry it in your pocket or purse, it is said to ward off evil.

Burn Dragon's Blood Resin as an incense for uncrossing, removing curses and hexes.

Placed Hyssop throughout the home it is said to protect it from burglars and trespassers and also repel negative energies.

Thread Juniper Berries onto a necklace and wear for protection.

It is believed that an infusion of Rattlesnake Root added to the bath water and used in the rinse water for clothing, offers protection from others trying to harm you.

Hang a black bag containing Wormwood from the rear view mirror it is said to protect the vehicle from accidents.

Make an infusion with Witch's Grass and sprinkle around troubled areas to disperse negative forces.