Lucky Prophet Oil


Item Description

This is a formula which can activate inborn clairvoyant powers so that this gift can be developed to one's full potential. Most authorities believe these talents are natural to all of us, simply lying dormant until they are either needed or desired.

To attempt to view future happenings, dim all lights in the room. The quieter the surroundings, the better the chances of enlightening messages to unveil the events to come. Very soft background music (without vocals) of a soothing nature can be helpful toward calming and clearing the mind of extraneous noises and thoughts.

Anoint the forehead and back of the neck with the oil. Sit in a comfortable position or lie flat on the back on a sofa or bed. Close the eyes and relax, concentrating only on the quiet or the soothing music.

Wait for at least ten minutes (but do not watch the clock or try to be conscious of time) for a message or a vision to come into the subconscious. It is normal if you should fall asleep. When you awaken, stay quiet and serene for a few more minutes in the event that there are further revelations or messages.

If no communication comes, this is not unusual and do not despair. Wait 3 days minimum, and then repeat the procedure. Success usually comes by the third or fourth attempt. If not, keep trying, the results will be worth the effort.