Healing Power
Energy Bracelet

Healing Power <br> Energy Bracelet
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Item Description

"The Healing Power bracelet is composed of Healerite, Heartenite, Healers Gold and White Azeztulite. This combination was designed to bring forth the most efficatious and beneficial vibrational support for health and wellbeing on all levels.

“The Healing Power" bracelet includes a carefully composed group of stones, chosen for remedying dysfunctions on the physical, astral and etheric levels, and for bringing forth the manifestation of one’s Divine Blueprint of health and wellbeing. The Divine Blueprint can be understood as a morphic field that holds the pattern of pure potential for the ideal state of health. From my experience, I feel the energies of this group of stones can aid in bringing one’s own energy fields into resonance with this field. Once this resonance occurs, and when it is maintained through intention and focused attention, in conjunction with the stones’ assistance, one can initiate a self-reinforcing pattern that tends to sustain a strong constitution and continuing health." —Robert Simmons

Each Bracelet is personally programmed by Robert Simmons for the highest good of the wearer.

These Limited Edition Bracelets each comes with a signed and numbered Information/Guarantee Card.