Healing Oil

Item# A1360

Item Description

Helps to heal both physically and spiritually. Anoint your body each morning before you leave home and each night before you retire.

Rub on your body for healing. Gives vitality to those who are fatigued and increases your energy level. Use this oil with faith, prayer and visualization to gain the strongest effect.

This oil can also be mixed with water and sprayed around the room of the ailing individual. It is believed to speed up your healing process so you get well faster.

Makes those who are healthy even healthier. Wear it to attract stronger healing in your body.

It is believed to draw good health to you. Wear it as a perfume and scent your bedroom with it.

1/2 oz. - $3.95 | 1 oz. - $7.50 | 2 oz. - $12.95 | 8 oz. - $24.95 | 16 oz. - $39.95