Future Vision
Energy Bracelet

Future Vision<br>Energy Bracelet
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The "Future Vision Bracelet" stimulates the third eye and the heart, allowing them to work together. On the everyday level, it can stimulate intuitive insights, inspirations and awakening to the spiritual side of life. The heart is the portal to awareness of the Future time Stream, and the third eye is the center of visionary awareness. With Revelation Stone, we feel the future through the heart and see it through the third eye.

The "Future Vision Bracelet" is made from an array of various colors of 100% Revelation Stone, a remarkably powerful gemstone from New Zealand. Revelation Stone has the capacity to enhance spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, psychokinesis, and especially the gift of prescient vision. Revelation Stone facilitates attunement with the Time Stream of the Future, triggering visions of future events, and the capacity for seeing timelines, to choose from various potential futures.

The Future Vision 2021 Bracelet can facilitate mediumship and spirit communication, allowing one to consciously connect with souls who have died. It can also be used to enhances one’s capacities for past life recall, shamanic journeying, and other forms of visionary experience." —Robert Simmons