Five Finger Grass

Five Finger Grass
Item# H0353

Item Description

Use Five Finger Grass (also known as Cinquefoil) for love, money, luck, power, protection.

A powerful money drawing effect can be established by mixing Five Finger Grass, Cinnamon, Cloves, and 4 Tonka Beans in a green flannel bag. Carry the bag with you at all times. Anoint the bag with Money Drawing oil while saying a money drawing prayer each day.

Some ideas for magical uses:

Place a teaspoon each of Five Finger Grass, Alfalfa, add a Pyrite stone and dress with Money Drawing oil to attract prosperity to you.

Dress a Green candle in Gamblers Luck oil and roll in Five Finger Grass for extra luck with games of chance. Five Finger Grass and Sarsaparilla sprinkled around your home or business to invite prosperity.