Fiery Command Oil

Item# COR107

Item Description

A powerful fragrance which is immensely popular with those impatient ones who not only want their desires met, but want them met NOW!

Obviously your requirements must be conveyed to the one you wish to fulfill them. This can be accomplished in per- sonal conversation directly, or by written communication.

If the request is made in person, arrange to apply to the other party a dab of the oil onto the wrist, ankle, or neckline. Should you submit your request in a letter, anoint the corners of the paper you use with the fragrance. After the petition has been made, anoint your own wrists, ankles, or neckline at bedtime as you repeat three times this affirmation:

East, west, north and south,
I am surrounded with fulfillment.
South, north, west and east
My desires will soon be realized.

Repeat the evening ritual daily until your goal has been accomplished.

Anoint candles and incense to arouse passion.