ESU-ELEGBA; Ifa and the Divine Messenger

ESU-ELEGBA; Ifa and the Divine Messenger
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Esu--Elegba: Ifa and the Divine Messenger is an informativeguide on a key facet of Yoruba culture. The author, though notNigerian, has studied his topic carefully and afforded the reader a keen and in depth account on how the Yoruba cultural system operates. The book is small which, in turn, makes it easily digestible. This type of work would best be read by an individual already studying metaphysics on some level, as the material would be considered advanced to the layperson. Awo Fatunbi takes the time to elaborate on various aspects of the different "roads" or characteristics of Esu/Elegbara. This, in and of itself, makes this book a must have in any Traditional African practitioner or metaphysical layperson's library.

About the Author

Awo Baba Falokun Fatunmbi is a white North American, who at the age of 38 visited Nigeria with the purpose of studying the Yoruba traditions Ifa Orisa. Baba got the initiation in Ifa in Ode Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria in Ile Ogunti Ode Remo. For 25 years Baba has been traveling around Nigeria, collecting little by little the Ifa knowledge. His main teacher became Adebolu Fatunmise, who was initiated at the age of 7 in Ifa (Kekere Awo a young Babalawo). During the initiation of Adebolu Fatunmise at the moment of reading it was foretold that he would teach a white Babalawo in practice and that Babalawo turned out to be Awo Falokun Fatunmbi, the author of a number of books about the Ifa Orisa tradition.