Easy Times Oil

Item# COR69

Item Description

For this ritual which is dedicated to improving your personal and financial conditions, use any plain band ring. An old one of no value or a new inexpensive one is recommended as you will not be wearing it again.

Place the ring in the center of a clean white handkerchief. Then make four folds in the cloth. The first fold is made from the top edge downward to just below the center. Then fold the bottom edge up to the top. Next fold the left edge to the right edge, and finally from right to left. Thus the ring is protected.

Tie the talisman securely with green ribbon or thread so that it cannot be opened or the ring lost accidentally, chanting as you bind the charm:

Easy come, and easy go,
May the good times flow.
Bring me money, love, and luck,
Many friends, and lots of pluck.

Carry the talisman in your purse or pocket at all times.