Double Cross Oil

Item# COR53

Item Description

It is held that the wearer of this will be empowered to confuse their enemies. Rub inside the elbows and back of the knees when making a deal with a difficult customer or when you are speaking to someone you wish to believe you and your words are not exactly as true as they might be.

To break up a love affair, get two black crucifix candles and dress them with this oil. Write the names of the two people you wish to divide on two pieces of parchment and place one beneath each candle. The candles should be placed side by side, touching each other, and then lighted. Burn for ten minutes and extinguish the flame. On the second day, move the two candles apart about two inches, and light them for ten minutes. On the third day, move the candles a bit further apart and light them. Repeat this for as many days as the candles last, separating them a few more inches each day.