Domination Oil

Item# COR52

Item Description

Used by the shy to develop will power, determination, and confidence.

To force another to your will, secure for yourself two Seals of Fire, a design from the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. On the back of one of the seals, write your name, and on the back of the other, write the name of the person you wish to give in to your wishes. To the other person's seal apply Controlling Powder liberally and place the seal in a small box or envelope with the design downward, the name upwards. Place your seal on top of the other, your name downward, the design upward. Sprinkle the seal with Domination Oil and close the box or seal the envelope so the seals cannot move away from one another, for as long as your Seal of Fire is moist with this oil and above the other Seal of Fire, your will in all matters should prevail.