Defeat an Enemy's Evil

Defeat an Enemy's Evil
Item# PRSP31

Item Description

To conquer and win the day against an evil enemy, do this on a Tuesday night as the Moon waxes.

1. With great stealth, creep up to the threshold of his/her house, office, parking spot, or locker and scatter the War Powder so that your enemy will step on and walk over the powder. You must not be seen when doing this.

2. Return home, light the Black candle and let it burn for an hour along with some of the High John Incense.

3. The next night go back to the enemy's location and sprinkle some of the War Water on the door.

4. Return home and along with the candle, burn the Helping Hand Incense for an hour.

5. On the third night, sprinkle more War Water and the rest of the War powder.

6. Return home and light the candle and the Fast Luck Incense.

7. On the fourth night, allow the candle to burn itself out. As you do this, add a few drops of the Van-Van Floor Wash to a bucket of scrub water and clean the doorstep of your own home.

8. The remaining incenses should be combined in the order in which you worked, and then burned.

It is said this procedure affects your enemy and keeps your own place secure against evil magics. This ritual should only be completed if the enemy hexes or crosses your home or life first.