Damnation Oil

Item# COR43

Item Description

A crossing oil which is believed to cause great distress if rubbed on another person. Be sure of your intentions before using this potent mixture. Best results are obtained when it is applied to the foe in the evening so there is little chance it will be bathed away for several hours.

A truly havoc-wrecking spell may be made by burning an "enemy light." First, get wax (or use an already-made candle and work with it) and melt it in a small saucepan over a low fire. Color the wax black with candle coloring or a child's black crayon. If using an already-made candle, buy a black one and save this step in the proceedings. As your wax or black candle melts, add a teaspoonful of valerian herb, nine drops of Damnation Oil, and mix all together well. Remove the liquid from the stove and pour into a mold. If you do not have a regular candle mold, a good substitute is an empty milk carton. After the candle hardens, just tear away the paper carton and your candle is ready. Write your enemy's name on the candle scratch it on with a small knife or a pen as many times as possible so that the name is etched all over the candle's surface. Light the candle and burn it until it is completely consumed.