Crucible of Courage Oil

Item# COR40

Item Description

The strength of this oil is credited with multiple attributes which enable one to face disaster with serenity, overcome misfortune and gain boldness when confronted with overwhelming odds. Anoint the temples and pray sincerely this 3rd century prayer of Euphemia of Chalcedon. It is titled, "Strengthen Me In This Hour:"

Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord our God,
who dwellest in the highest,
Thou whom the angels and all the powers of heaven
praise and exalt unceasingly.
Thy weak and lowly handmaid calls upon Thee,
who regardest the humble;
strengthen me this hour with the power of Thy Holy Spirit,
and show the wicked enemy of Christ that Thou art the God
who didst send Thine angel to the three youths and didst drive the
flame of fire out of the furnace.
Hear my prayer, 0 Lord, send me Thine aid.
Be not mindful of my sins and unworthiness;
but, remembering Thy mercy and
Thy readiness in helping them that call upon Thee,
save me in this hour of my distress for the sake of Jesus Christ,
Thy only Son, Our Lord.