Concentration Oil

Item# COR30

Item Description

To make the right decision on any matter, first take a warm bath to which you have added five drops of Concentration Oil. Then, dry yourself, but do not dress. Lie down nude on a firm bed or pad which you have covered with a clean white sheet. Apply the oil over the fingertips of both hands, and massage it into the forehead. Then lie still, face up, concentrating on your dilemma to the exclusion of all other thoughts. The choices should become clear, and before an hour has passed, the way you want to go will be firmly established in your mind's eye.

To free oneself of earthly fetters, many anoint themselves and form a trinity by rubbing this on the forehead, feet, and then palms of the hands. Remain in complete darkness and silence for at least fifteen minutes thereafter. Then arise to renewed energy and vitality along with the calmness of mind which enables you to cope with the problem or situation at hand.