Confusion Oil

Item# COR31

Item Description

Use to confuse enemies by sprinkling a few drops in their path. Be careful that you do not walk over the oil so that it gets on your own shoes or feet.

To get rid of a person who is making trouble for you, secure a black voodoo doll and label it with your enemy's name. If you can add to the doll some nail clippings, a snip of hair, or a scrap of the foe's clothing; this brings more power to the spell. Place the doll in a small box or paper bag, and sprinkle it with the oil. Melt some black wax (buy white wax and add a black crayon to color it) or use a black candle. Just put the wax or candle in a small saucepan over very low heat on the stove. When it is liquid, pour the black wax over the doll. Add more Confusion Oil, and bury the doll in the ground away from your home. Sprinkle the grave once a week with the oil, and your enemy will not be able to bother you for he will be too busy with his own troubles.