Any 6 for $25.00 (regularly $4.95 ea.)

<b>POWDERED INCENSE </b> <br><font size=-1><i>Any 6 for $25.00 (regularly $4.95 ea.)</i></font size=-1>
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Item Description

For the highest quality incense, buy incense online from Occult1.com. Making incense and burning incense has been practiced for centuries. Smoking incense fragrance has been utilized to restore health, for psychic enhancement, for spiritual worship and physical attraction. Our powdered incense is made with the finest essential oils, incense fragrance, gums, barks and herbs. All ingredients are ground to powdered form and burned to produce enticing aromas. Incense fragrances change the vibration in a space which in turn influences the subconscious mind. It is believed as the fragrant incense smoke rises upward, it carries your prayers to the spirit world.

There is no reason to shop other incense stores, there is no need to learn how to make incense, burning incense from Occult1.com will bring you all of your desires.