Balm of Gilead (L) ($) (P)

Balm of Gilead (L)  ($)   (P)
Item# H0078

Item Description

Steep Balm of Gilead Buds in red wine for a love potion.

Mix Balm of Gilead Buds in a red flannel pouch with Rosebuds, Lavender flowers and Couch Grass. Tie the pouch tightly and wear it on a string around your neck to mend a broken heart and attract a new lover.

Mix with Rosebuds, Lavender Flowers and Lemon Grass, then use as an incense to make a lover return, mend a broken heart, or open the doors to a new lover.

Add this herb to your protection bag or mojo bag for good luck while gambling. Protect yourself from the evil eye.

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