Astral Travel Blessed Herbal Candle

Astral Travel Blessed Herbal Candle
Item# BHC-AS

Item Description

White Blend of Frankincense & Clove Essential Oils. When we dream we travel to the Astral Realm. This is where our thoughts first to take shape on their journey of manifesting. Empower this process, insuring only the thoughts that reflect your desires make the transition into your waking life.

CANDLE USE: This candle is designed to help facilitate an Astral projection. It teaches one to travel with ease and safety, without having to manifest what one experiences. The Astral Travel candle is very useful in past life regressions. We have also been told that this candle helps one dispel bad dreams.

ASTROLOGICAL INFO: There are many views on the best time to Astral Travel, from different times of the month, day and year. Use your own best judgment, you will know when you are ready. This candle is designed to help you with your journey and keep you safe.

OTHER INFO: Made to be a pale silvery white, we chose this color to represent the silver cord which connects our spirit to our bodies. When we travel throughout the cosmos it is always a good idea to leave a trail of bread crumbs to find our way home.