Agrimony (P)(R)(U)

Agrimony (P)(R)(U)
Item# H0015

Item Description

Agrimony is commonly used in magic herbal protection sachets and spells. This magical herb has the ability to repel hexes and curses when added to uncrossing spells. It acts as a deflective shield sending bad vibrations back to the source.

Rub Agrimony Oil onto a White Image candle or jumbo candle, roll the anointed candle in the herb. Burn one inch each day to break any spell or hex that has been placed on you.

Burn on charcoal as an incense to reverse a spell or hex cast upon you.

Stuff a red conjure bag with Agrimony, sprinkle in Agrimony Essential Oil and place it under your pillow to relieve insomnia.

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