Mistic Products Ritual Baths

Mistic Products Ritual Baths
Each wash contains a blend of essential oils and fragrances in a base carrier wash and may be added to ritual bath water or to wash water for ritual use in cleaning floors, walls, windows, etc. All of this has been mixed to create the perfect balance of power and scent in your undertakings.

8 oz. Prosperity Wash
bring prosperity to the person, home or business washed
8 oz Road Opener Wash
...bring these new paths into your life...
8 oz 7 African Powers Wash
bring love, money, luck and peace of mind
8 oz Stop Bad Luck Wash
Destroy all jinx and bad luck that surrounds you.
8 oz Spirit of Good Luck Wash
wash away the bad luck that plagues you...
8 oz. Adam & Eve Ritual Bath Wash
cultivate love and warmth in existing relationships...
8oz All Purpose Ritual Bath Wash
lend a helping to those areas where you need it the most
8oz Come To Me Ritual Bath Wash
This ritual wash mixture is intended to aid you in winning the one that you desire into your life.