Read the Thoughts of Others

Read the Thoughts of Others
Item# J1125

Item Description

This amulet aids its bearer in reading the thoughts of others and allowing their influence into the houses of others at will.

How People Read Each Other

In science fiction stories, mind reading is routinely used for nefarious purposes. In the real world, having a clear sense of what others think and feel helps us avoid conflict and miscommunication and strengthen personal relationships.

When attempting to read someone’s mind—or, more accurately, their mood—body language, tone, and choice of words are usually the best places to begin. Another critical element is empathy: Being able to put oneself in someone else’s shoes can provide key insights into their perspective, and make understanding their thoughts, feelings, and actions that much easier.

Can people read each other’s minds?

Research suggests that our discernment of others’ emotions and trustworthiness may manifest in our body’s reactions to them at least as strongly as in our mental assessments of their speech. Trusting one’s gut, then, by being mindful of our body’s reactions to someone else, can help us make more accurate judgments about others.

How can you get better at reading people?

It has long been believed that people’s body language gives them away—that people have “tells” that could tip observant others off to their true intentions. Reading others can become more efficient, research shows, when we consciously focus on such clues. For example, facial features like the eyes and the mouth may offer a great deal of information, but if we are looking at the whole person we may miss seeing what their faces have to tell us.

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