Gemstone Dream Pouches

Gemstone Dream Pouches

For years, we’ve been sleeping and meditating with combinations of stones chosen to enhance the effects we were looking for. Now, we’ve made it easy for anyone to try our favorite and most powerful gemstone recipes for everything from Chakra Harmony to Vibrational Ascension! The Heaven and Earth Dream Pouches are small enough to fit easily under your pillow, in a pocket or purse, or on the body in meditation.  But they are  filled with 60 to 100 grams of our most beneficial stones for all applications, and they come at a bargain price! (Purchasing the stones in our pouches separately would cost from two to five times as much!)

“The idea for the Heaven and Earth Dream Pouches came to me in a meditation. I was shown the images of the stones to be brought together into each of the different combinations, and was given guidance for the primary purpose of each one. I felt a great excitement at bringing forward the stone combinations I most often work with myself.  It was made clear that these were meant to be priced low, to make the stones accessible to anyone, regardless of their budget.”    —Robert Simmons

These stones were chosen to soothe and harmonize the emotional body, and they are intended to facilitate a refreshing rest
LOVE  Dream Pouches™
This holds the most lovely stones of the heart, for our Love on every level of one’s being and an aura of love all day
PROTECTION  Dream Pouches™
Designed to dispel negative energies in one’s environment, in the most powerful way possible!
PURIFICATION  Dream Pouches™
Cleanse your auric field and etheric body while you sleep! Purification is essential for spiritual evolution
SELF-HEALING  Dream Pouches™
The most powerful group of stones for transformational self-healing
SWEET DREAMS  Dream Pouches™
This is our ultimate pouch for beautiful sleep and the loveliest dreams!
THE ENERGIZER  Dream Pouches™
This pouch is filled with stones chosen to enhance one’s vitality, stamina and well being—for waking up full of enthusiasm and energy!