Helping Yourself With Selected Prayers (Volume 1)
Over 125 Prayers for your specific needs...
Powers of the Orisha
During the slave trade, the Yoruba of southwestern Nigeria who were brought to Cuba were forbidden the practice of their religion . . .
The Book on Palo
This is one of the few books on the Palo tradition in English. I know from personal communications with the author, that this book was truly. . .
Helping Yourself with Selected Prayers <br>Volume 2
Now With 170 Prayers!
Lottery Number Dreambook
Over 3000 Dream Topics with Numerological Interpretations
Complete Book of Voodoo
Ogun; Santeria and the Master of Iron
Magical Rituals for Love
...easy-to-do spells to obtain your goals in Love.
The Magic Candle
Find a treasure of valuable candle burning techniques. . .
Magical Rituals for Protection
...spells and procedures you must cast to make yourself safe...
Santeria, African Magic in Latin America
If you are curious about the rituals and practices of this mysterious religion, and want to delve in its deepest secrets, this book will answer all of your questions and much more.
Rituals & Spells of Santeria
Santeria is an earth religion. That is, it is a magicoreligious system that has its roots in nature and natural forces. Each orisha. . .
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